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Likewise ad creatives


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So many streaming platforms, so little time

Likewise is an app users pull out when they want to avoid wasting time scrolling through endless lists of movies and TV shows on Netflix. Or Hulu. Or Prime Video. Or... that other one that just came out.

Though the app solved a clear problem, they needed better ad creatives that positioned itself as the solution to draw new users in and retain current ones. Enter Yvonne.

Previous Likewise ads
Likewise ads before I joined the team

Setting the scene

When I joined Likewise in November 2019, they were still solidifying their visual branding, which gave me freedom to explore different visual styles. However, it was a challenge to keep finding the right balance of tone with each new campaign.

We tested a large number of ads during my time with Likewise, but this case study will highlight just three campaigns I worked on, two of them done in collaboration with Aviva, the Marketing Manager.

Shoes on or off?

For one of the earlier campaigns, the team wanted to use the slogan “What to watch and where to watch it.” From that starting point, I wanted to emphasize the abundance of choice in streaming services and things to watch.

This message presented a key problem Likewise can solve: scanning through all these choices can be time-consuming, so use a recommendation app to find what to watch next quickly!

I provided a couple different versions of this ad so we could conduct A/B testing.

Versions for what to watch campaign

I personally thought the cat on the bed would be a hit, but surprisingly the most success came from the shoes on the table in the living room. Part of the reason was due to its high interaction rate – there was a big discussion in the comments questioning the audacity of having shoes on the table!

This version of the ad became the most successful ad campaigns for multiple months in a row.

What to watch video ad

Retaining users

For one campaign, we wanted to focus more on retaining users rather than getting new ones, targeting the audience to those who had already download the app and signed up.

Our solution was to center the messaging around specific actions users can do in Likewise. This meant the ad could be an educational tool for the audience while also enticing them to revisit the app.

Options for Retention campaign

We explored different visual treatments but landed on the textured gradient version. It felt the closest in tone to the current version of the app at the time. We also took out the second “Create lists” slide to simplify and strengthen the message.

I expected this campaign to be very successful because we worked hard to get the message and tone just right. But in the end, the results were average.

Retention campaign video ad

Coming soon to streaming near you

We also ran content-oriented ads. The marketing team made lists of the upcoming movie and TV shows coming to each streaming platform, so I designed ad creatives to compliment these lists. The audience, unfamiliar with Likewise, would click to see the list on the Likewise site, with a portion of them venturing out to explore what the app is.

New to streaming campaign

Wanting to catch the target audience’s eyes, I let the Likewise brand sit back while the streaming services’ brands stood out. I also made sure to feature the more popular shows on each platform.

These visuals were also brought into their social media feeds, as a way to share the lists of new additions on a regular basis.


Past data helps, of course. But the best way to test your designs is to just put it in front of their eyes and watch what happens. Throughout the many campaigns I designed, I was often surprised at what worked and what didn’t.

Seeing the performance of the ads also taught me a lot about how new users would see the app and what types of people are more interested in the app than others.

When I’m talking with other designers, I can use designer lingo without worry. But once I began collaborating closely with the marketing team, I learned to communicate design decisions to people less familiar with design concepts.

Those outside design teams have completely different skill sets. I realized the collaboration of people from different backgrounds can lead to amazing outcomes!

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