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Get to know me

Growing up in the heat of Hawaii and Guam, I came to Seattle for college and fell in love with the gloomy city. I'm a proud Taiwanese-American, cat mom of two, and aspiring tattoo hoarder.

I've known since a young age that I wanted to be in a creative industry, but after exploring different paths, it wasn't until it was too late to change my major that I discovered design as the right path. I didn't let that stop me – I learned design skills on my own, building upon the previous artistic skills I acquired.

I'm now designing for Microsoft Azure's design system!


Microsoft • Product Designer

Nov 2020 to present

Microsoft • Visual Designer (Contract)

Jan 2020 to Nov 2020

Likewise • Visual Designer (Contract)

Nov 2019 to Jan 2020

Northwest Polite Society • Designer

Jan 2019 to Nov 2019

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My values

I think it's super important to have guiding principles for your life! These are the current values that I live by both in and outside of my work.

Growth + Learning

The possibilities of growing into a better version of myself is what keeps me going every day. I'm always looking for opportunities to learn new things and challenge my comfort zone.


When interacting with others, I strive to converse with my walls down, bringing casualness to the conversation. I believe doing so allows us to better empathize and care for one another, regardless of context.


Being open-minded means many things to me, including: decentering my own opinions when listening to others, reflecting on critiques even when I may not agree, and being open to change and new perspectives.